What You Need is Right Habits, Not Discipline

Is it a matter of discipline or right habits when it comes to succeeding at work or life? Contrary to what most people believe, success is not a marathon of  “being disciplined.” Success is really a 5K — a sprint intensely fueled by discipline just long enough for the right habit to kick in.

Build the Right Habit

Consider this when you know something needs to be done but isn’t getting done.  Out of frustration, you say, “I just need more discipline.”  What you really need is a new habit — with just enough discipline so you can “stick to it” long enough and build the right habit.  Commit to this one habit so it becomes a natural part of your life.

66 Days to a New Habit

Changing behavior can be hard, but over time habits become easy and easier to sustain. Researchers at the University College of London say it takes an average of 66 days to acquire a new habit.  While easier behaviors on average require less time and tougher ones take longer — so don’t give up too soon.

Let’s say as a busy professional, you are experiencing the signs of burnout.  You frequently work through the weekend checking your email when you should be relaxing and spending time with your family.   The pervasive belief is you need more discipline so you can manage your time.

A Matter of Intent Discipline 

Instead you choose a new habit, “unplug.”  And with intent discipline, you take a break from all screens including your cell phone during the weekend.  Within three months, your new habit is a part of your life.  You can either build on that “unplug” habit and apply a dose of discipline every evening or start a new one creating a weekend that rejuvenates your mind, body and soul.

I’d like to know what one habit, if you could develop, would make you more successful?What amount of discipline do you need to sustain your new behavior?   Share your new habit with all of us and write your comment below.   Or we can always talk, so click here for my schedule.

Changing your life is hard.  Doing it by yourself is even harder.  

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