What Heather Chandler does Differently to Reach Her Goals

Have You Ever Really Committed to a Long-term Goal?  And if so, what kept you on track?

Gotta Have Grit to Reach Your Goals

Studies show that you need to have grit – the willingness to commit to long-term goals and to persist in the face of difficulty.  Grit is one of the best predictors for determining your success and can often be mistaken as your innate ability or talent – such as you’re a natural athlete.  Although to be successful; it’s important to focus on improving and developing your abilities while in pursuit of your goals.

Often I will ask clients to describe one of their proudest accomplishments.  I usually hear about “the” job promotion, marathon, medical school graduation, business award, and more – including the hard work coupled with personal sacrifices, lack of sleep, financial stress, and set backs.

No one knows this better than Heather Chandler, President of Sealstrip Corporation; who really is “Queen of the World” accomplishing more in her daily personal and professional lives than most of us could barely attempt in a month.  Consider that her company is ranked fifth in Best Places to Work in PA.

What You Need to Do

Recently during our goal-setting session, it wasn’t surprising to discover Heather making that familiar new year’s goal again.  “This year will be different!”  Because you can make a positive change in your life, if you figure out what you need to do differently, and how to stay committed.

To help catapult Heather’s new year momentum, I had her reflect on one of the most challenging personal goals she successfully achieved – “her dream” graduating from law school.  For four years, this busy goal-driven professional was juggling “business by day” and “law school at night.”  And did it while suffering from the tragic loss of her brother.

Next, What did You do to Stay on Track to Reach Your Goal?

set-goalFor Heather, law school was about being fully committed to her dream. Heather also acknowledged the importance of enrolling people to help her; whether it was the evening phone calls with her mother, family support at home, or a colleague’s encouraging word to keep going when it got tough. She did what successful people do – share your goals with people who can help you attain them.  

When it comes to your personal and professional goals, who are the five people you can enroll to help you finish up?  I’d love to be one.



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