Top 10 Ways Leaders Unwind

Whether you are leading a healthcare organization through tremendous change and complexities or running your own business — you need to unwind.   Even the most successful and productive people I know make unwind time a priority.  I want to share what leaders do to unwind so you can unwind too — even if you think it’s impossible.

  1. Exercise is one of the best ways to alleviate stress.  

    One of my favorite ways to unwind, unplug and refresh. Labor Day Weekend with friends.

    Our bodies aren’t meant to be sitting and hunching over a computer all day long.  Find a gym, running club or yoga class and make exercise a top priority to strengthen your body and mind.

  2. Get your mind off work and engage in the outdoors.  Activities such as gardening, golf, skiing, walking on the beach or hiking trails can be rejuvenating.  Time outside will often help you gain a new perspective on life.  Even a 30 minute walk outside can create healthy benefits.
  3. Mix up your routine.  Doing the same thing, day after day, can stifle your creativity and curiosity. Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, try a new skill and expand your interests.  Others will become more interested in you and find you interesting.
  4. Volunteer in your community.  Look for opportunities to volunteer and get involved in your community.   Join a nonprofit board or share your talents with a charitable organization and you will feel better about yourself and your contribution.
  5. Cultivate friendships.  Take the time to build, nurture and deepen your relationships.  Spend a weekend at the beach with your friends or meet for lunch.  Time spent with friends can enrich your life in many more ways.
  6. Put family first.  Stay connected to your family.
  7. Make lifelong learning essential to your growth.  Expand your mind by learning new thought processes, new skills, take a class or read more.
  8. Maintain your hobbies.  One of the best ways to relax is to engage in an activity that is different than your work-related activities.  For some it’s playing a musical instrument, knitting, painting, photography or baking.
  9. Meditate.   Meditation can provide a kind of mindfulness or self exploration to help you cope with a demanding work life.
  10. Schedule time off.   Leaders know the value of time away from work, to unplug, unwind and refresh.  Block off time whether it’s two weeks or two days, mix up your routine and make life more interesting.

What will you do to unwind and hit the ground running this fall?

Happy Labor Day!

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