Tips to Focus When Tough Times Are Ahead

In a blog post by Marshall Goldsmith, he offers three simple and insightful tips for “Staying Focused when Tough Times are Ahead.”  This relevant topic sparked my interest in light of our country’s political and financial climates affecting the emotions of many people.  Here’s an excerpt from his blog post with some of my own comments.

While it is easy to inspire people when business is going well, the best leaders inspire when times are tough.

The question for you, “Is that statement true about your personal leadership?  Or do challenges slow you down or even halt you from moving forward?”

These tips will help you focus:

1.  The person that needs to keep focused is YOU.  It’s very easy to get down when tough times lie ahead.  Try this:  Start your day with the intention of getting three important things done that day.  When you restrict yourself to just three key priorities, your mind focuses itself:  “If I’m just doing three important things, what deserves to be one of them?”

2.  Don’t sugar-coat the truth.  The need for “stretch goals” must be balanced with reality.  Try this:  Schedule time this month to review your annual goals and mid-year progress.  Ask, “Are these goals realistic?  What adjustments are necessary to align my business and personal goals with reality?”

3.  Keep the focus on what can be changed and what can’t.  There are always going to be uncontrollable environmental issues that influence your success.  You can waste endless hours talking about how tough times are and bemoaning what you can not change.  Try this:  Keep asking, “Given the reality that exists, how can I make the most positive, possible difference in my future?”

Many of you know that my daughter Jodi lived the words quoted by the late John Wooden — “Do not let what you can not do interfere what you can do.”  This quote continues to be our personal mantra in spite of the tough times in our lives.  Let it serve you as inspiration to embody your mind, body and spirit as you create a fresh start to a new finish.

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