4 Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It’s exciting to set New Year’s resolutions and start off a fresh new year with big goals and ambitions. But the reality, as we all know, is that most resolutions are not kept.  Every January, millions of people set one or two of these personal goals for themselves, vowing that this is the year that they will finally get healthy, fit into their skinny jeans, or quit smoking.  Business related goals might include doubling sales, starting a new initiative, or advancing their career. Big goals with real intentions are exciting and momentarily motivating.  

How do we keep and achieve them?

I have looked at a few business people who have been able to set and keep resolutions and I will share four of their best practices.

1.  Set very specific goals that can be measured daily or weekly to track progress.   If you don’t know how well you are doing, you can’t adjust your behaviors or strategies accordingly.  Schedule time to track the goals (i.e. every Friday before going home for the weekend).

2.  Focus on small steps first.  When you are just starting a pursuit, feeling reassured that it’s actually doable is important, and achieving a sub-goal increases that sense of attainability.  The objective is to build momentum, not kill it.  

3.  Visualize the steps you will take in order to succeed.  Picture yourself doing what it takes to succeed, and you will soon find yourself believing that you can.  The best part is, you will be absolutely right.  

4.  Celebrate progress even the little things.  Studies have shown that celebrating wins, even small ones, can boost endorphins, a chemical in your brain.  The release of endorphins can relieve stress, increase happiness, and cause you to want more. So celebrate!

Most resolutions aren’t kept even if we really want to achieve these new milestones in a new year. 

Make this year different.  I am working on it too.


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