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Usually, it is my job (as a coach) to ask questions.  But today I want to share real answers to your questions.  It’s an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective to that business or life issue that has you feeling “stuck.”  Here’s what is on the mind of one reader.

I’ve established several thousand connections on LinkedIn.  In your opinion, what would be the most effective method to grow a client relationship with them?

The key to building a relationship is easy, get active.  Start by staying in regular contact with the network you’re already linked in with.  Scroll through your LinkedIn connections and take an inventory of where they’re working and what they’re doing.  It’s as simple as congratulating them on a new job, mentioning them in a status update, or a “like” on their status. The more of an effort you make to reach out to these contacts, the more you will hear back from them.  

You can also reach out to your contacts by sharing a relevant article, blog post or even your written articles or posts.  Simply take the time to let your contacts know that you are thinking of them.  I’ve even written a personal newsletter to inform my network about the new changes in my business, family updates and industry news.  Another idea is to offer your contacts an introduction to someone they’ll find mutually beneficial.  

If you really want to cultivate a client relationship with your network; commit to giving 3 valuable things to every 1 ask (or offer you make.)   From my personal experience, all of these ideas have generated new client relationships.  The key is sticking with it.  

Are you ready?  Please share your LinkedIn network growing ideas with a comment below.

I’m going to be bold, and ask for your anonymous questions.  I’d love to learn what’s on your mind and offer some real answers.  

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