Time to Reboot Motivation

Time to Reboot Your Motivation

Have you ever “lost desire” in the process of achieving your goal?

Maybe you wanted to lose 10 pounds within two weeks, but after a week of counting calories, replacing your meal with a protein shake, working out everyday, you realized that you still haven’t lost a single pound.  So you grab a handful of M&Ms.

Or maybe you worked so hard in January to “make goal” in spite of a challenging first quarter sales quota, only to lose momentum because of record number snow storms causing schedule cancellations.

Perhaps your “special home remodel project” on the side is only 25 percent finished, and it’s already been three weeks since you promised yourself that you’ll get it done within the month.

Lack of Motivation 

Whatever your case, one thing’s for sure, feeling de-motivated has got you “stuck.”

Somehow, you need to get that motivation back—which, fortunately, isn’t as hard as it looks.

What You Must Do 

5ppl-to-help-you-achieve-goalsAll you have to do is this: share your goals with five people who can help you attain them.

It’s really that simple.

Of course, you may want to choose these people carefully. Ideally, they meet most or all of the following criteria:

  • Close to you
  • Communicate with you frequently
  • Trustworthy
  • Care about you enough to call you out when you’re doing something wrong
  • Have opinions that are important to you
  • Are willing to give helpful advice when you ask for it

This works for one simple reason: It’s harder to quit on others than yourself.

For example, I have set goals just like you, in my personal life and my business.   One goal is to write one blog post a week.  If I kept that goal to myself, it’s pretty likely I won’t be able to stick to it consistently or for long, since I have no one to hold me accountable.  I can allow my inner critic to make lots of excuses to rationalize my behavior.

Which a bad habit like that is not a good thing – and I will never reach my goal.

On the other hand, if I share my goals with supportive and understanding people like my family, friends, and colleagues, I’m more likely to commit to what I need to do.

Reflect from Past Success and Reboot

By the way, this was exactly how I sold my business five years ago.  By sharing my dream with my peer advisory group; whom offered selling recommendations, business introductions, and personal encouragement to persist despite setbacks.  I successfully reached the settlement table and achieved my goal.

Of course, the motivation from within is still the best type of motivation.  But having a group of people to share your dream makes it even better when you achieve your goal.

What’s your reboot strategy for motivation?

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