The Goal: A Year of Firsts

Do you feel stuck in life?  How about feeling lost, frustrated and angry? That’s exactly what veteran NBC-10 journalist and cancer survivor Lu Ann Cahn experienced as she shared her story with me and my amazing clients last week.

The Goal, A Year of Firsts

In 2010, for 365 days Lu Ann set a goal to do something she had never done before, some as simple as performing an old task in a new way, some creative and extreme like a polar plunge swim, eating a tunafish PB sandwich, a day spent in a wheelchair, to writing her blog.

What she learned, we all can gain from her journey. 

Challenge yourself to confront your own fears, and start your own firsts to “reboot and recharge your life.”  

Most of the time, we know what needs to be done to get ourselves “unstuck” or closer to reaching our goal.  The challenge is to conquer the inner critic of “can not’s” and execute with a “yes, I can.”  Imagine the new adventures you can experience, when you are willing to start now.  

What will you start for the first time?   I’d love to know, so please leave a comment.

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