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  • Donna Martz, MSN,

    My professional life had numerous “bumps” in it prior to my coaching sessions.  I felt devalued, at odds with my boss, overwhelmed and basically deflated when it came to my professional interactions.  The most significant changes that I have noticed since coaching with Peg, revolve around collaboration, communication and balance.  Peg has facilitated introspection and given me tools and strategies to see my own “blind spots”, interact with others to meet their specific communication style and find balance in work relationships that were contributing to my overwhelming feeling.  Peg tailored the coaching sessions to meet my needs and specific concerns and issues.

    Donna Martz, MSN, Director at Pottstown Memorial Medical Center

  • Heather Chandler, Esq,

    As a leader, I face many tough decisions in which I want the help of a trusted business advisor, confidant, and slight psychologist – and that’s why I continue to work with Peg. I get honest feedback, new perspectives, creative ideas and am not “going it alone.” Value in every session.

    Heather Chandler, Esq, President at Sealstrip Corporation

  • Dr. Tressa Malikkal, OD, FCOVD,

    I began working with Peg two years ago when I wanted to get my business and life to the next level. As the owner of Trappe Family Eyecare, my day demands me to be at my personal best for my patients and staff – this also true in my personal life with my family. I have experienced three positive changes which continue to impact my business and personal life: increased productivity, living on purpose as I regularly connect to my goals, and valuable personal insight of my “blindspots” that hold me back from achieving my goals.

    Dr. Tressa Malikkal, OD, FCOVD, at Trappe Family Eyecare

  • Dr. Michele Y. Shade-Hinchliffe, OD,

    When I began working with Peg, I felt the need to achieve more balance in my work and personal life. My work with Peg has helped me create a life that is more balanced, my business is growing, my relationships are better, and I am able to manage the stress in my business and life. I am able to appreciate so much more of what I have and experience more joy and happiness.

    Dr. Michele Y. Shade-Hinchliffe, OD, at Shade Eyecare

  • Mark Reich, MBA, M.ED.,

    I hired Peg as a success coach for working through the development of a business. She helped me work through the muddiness in my thinking and gain clarity on what I wanted to accomplish. She helped me in developing a path and to determine the actions that I needed to take. Her encouragement and direction moved me ahead much faster than if I had tried to go it alone.

    Mark Reich, MBA, M.ED., Systems Manager at Neal Systems

  • Beth Ann Straub,

    Peg is wonderful! I came to her for help last year to get out of a funk. She step by step helped me focus on where I want to be in the next 6 months, year, 5 years and beyond. All was done with kindness, compassion, accountability and “push!” Peg has an amazing gift to help anyone reach their goals in life.

    Beth Ann Straub, Business Review Manager at Sysco Foods of Philadelphia

  • Paula Comfort,

    Peg will inspire you to get back to the basics of goal setting — annually, monthly, weekly and get you moving right now on what really is important to you. She is an exceptionally talented listener and advisor whose innate ability to assess very quickly your inner strengths and areas of improvement. Within 60 days of coaching, I made changes resulting in positive impact in my business and life.

    Paula Comfort, at 360 Impact Group

  • Julie Terrana,

    Working with Peg has been wonderful. I have been able to create a work-life balance that allows me to succeed at my job as well as make time for my family and friends. I also use her inspirational words as a guide daily, and she has instilled confidence in me that has resonated through all aspects of my life. Peg has led me to feel more successful, and stronger with every obstacle I face.

    Julie Terrana, Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch

  • Steve Kuter,

    I hired Peg as my business and life coach during a very difficult and challenging time. In a few months, Peg took one of my greatest fears and guided me into making it a strength. I continue to improve my effectiveness at work, achieving greater work-life balance and being at my personal best – makes this investment simply priceless.

    Steve Kuter, at Ameriprise Financial Services


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