Afraid to Make a Career Change
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Afraid To Make A Career Change

Does the thought of making a career change stop you from moving forward?   Or do you prefer the comfort of what’s old, and wrestle with building a new?    Perhaps we fear the process to make the change, and don’t want to expose ourselves to rejection, disappointment, or failure.  We contemplate our situation, ask others […]

happiness at work
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Four Habits to Be Happier at Work

There might be many reasons why your job makes you miserable. Maybe you are bored, your manager is terrible, or the company culture is toxic.  If you aren’t experiencing any workplace dis-ease, bravo! You’ve hit the jackpot. But, if you desire more satisfaction at work, you may not need to find a new job or […]

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Why Multitasking Fails

Do you think you’re good at multitasking?  Feeling energized that you can accomplish writing multiple email messages while simultaneously listening to discussions on a conference call?  The ability to multitask is something some people brag about.   It is also the way many people who struggle with being able to focus operate.  Is it the most […]

Effective networking for career success
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5 Keys to Effective Networking

For some people, networking can feel uncomfortable and contrived, and even cause social paralysis (aka being “tongue-tied”.)  For others, just the thought of attending a networking event can produce an inordinate amount of stress.  Ever notice the ones who seem so naturally comfortable with networking that they always walk away with new career or business […]

Leadership Effectiveness
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How One Leader Gets Better

When Gettysburg College contacted me to coach one of their directors, I never imagined that he was caught in an endless loop.  That’s how Michael Kotlinski, Gettysburg Bookstore Director, described his professional life.  He simply was not performing to his highest level and as a leader in retail that is a dangerous slope. Wants to […]

Women Leadership CEO Andrea Funk
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Leadership with CEO Andrea Funk of Cambridge Lee Industries

Andrea Funk, CEO of Cambridge-Lee Industries, is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished women in manufacturing.  She represents a very small percentage (less than one-half of 1%) of manufacturing leadership and is passionate about closing this gender gap for a more inclusive business environment. In this episode, we talk all about leadership. Andrea shares an early leadership moment […]

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Making Leadership Your Competitive Advantage with Alicia Lambert of Lambert Leadership Group

Alicia Lambert, founder of Lambert Leadership Group from Knoxville, Tennessee shares her best practices for developing great leadership talent.  In this episode, I talk with coaching colleague and lifelong learner Alicia about the parallels of success both in the game of athletics and business. During our conversation, Alicia spoke with heartfelt reverence about Pat Summit and her impact […]

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Make the Leap from Manager to Leader with Maria Busch, President of Synergistic Leadership

Maria Busch, President of Synergistic Leadership and Crestcom licensee from Long Beach, California shares her wisdom for making the leap from manager to leader in today’s cross generations workplace.  In this episode, I talk with coaching colleague Maria about the skills and attributes necessary to distinguish yourself as an emerging leader. One of the most fascinating things I learned during our conversation is that millennial […]

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Kutztown University’s College of Business Dean Martha Geaney Talks about Leadership Skills for Success

Martha Geaney, PhD, dean of the College of Business at Kutztown University is passionate about education, business and leadership.  In this episode, I talk with Martha about her professional career transitions from being a middle school English teacher to management consultant and onward to college dean. One of the most inspiring things I learned during our conversation is how Martha transferred […]

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Marcus Allen CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Talks about Resilience and Leadership

This is sixth episode of the competitive advantage podcast. In this episode I speak with Marcus Allen, President/ CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region. Marcus shares his personal story of humble beginnings from living in the projects while being raised by his mother a single parent to leading one of the most prominent non-profit organizations in the Greater […]

Transformational Leaders
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Being a Female Leader in Manufacturing

I can still remember that phone call from the President of U.S. Axle, a high quality manufacturing company located in Pottstown, who wanted to build a team of transformational leaders.  But he had a concern.   One of his most valued and talented employees seemed to be at a crossroads in her professional life.  This impasse […]