Calm Emotion
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How To Keep Calm And Carry On

Have you ever experienced a day of emotional “frenzy” and all you want is to keep calm, manage your emotions and carry on? Be honest. The way we live is exhausting — from trying to juggle work and our personal lives, to people issues and our workload.  These “stressors” really do contribute to our emotional […]

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3 Things to Finish Up this Year

Everyone seems to be in a flurry with only two weeks left in this year.  The mere thought of balancing work and life priorities with year-end reviews, last minute holiday shopping, parties and more can be taxing.  Here are three things you can do to finish up before the new year goal-setting time. 1.  Personal […]

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Three Choices in Life

“You have three choices in life:  give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got.” Are you ready to give life more of what you’ve got?  Do you want more fulfillment in your life, relationships and your work?  Are you feeling life is out of your control and imbalanced? If you don’t like something you have the power […]