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Accountability Starts With You

In my work as an executive coach, I have the opportunity to speak with business leaders and managers across multiple industries about their challenges.   One topic that is always difficult to broach is accountability. According to a Harvard Business Review survey, almost 50 percent of managers struggle with accountability. Yet, they want accountability to be a […]

Acknowledgement Goes a Long Way
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A Little Acknowledgement Goes A Long Way

“Keep up the great work”, “Well done in that meeting”, “Thank You”, “I appreciate you.”  They’re nice words, aren’t they?  Just going back and reading those words again makes me feel good.  But how often do we hear them?  Or more importantly, how often do we say them?  Acknowledgment is one of those things that you […]

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Leadership Lessons from Mom

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and we will set aside time to celebrate our mothers.  Motherhood is often a thankless and tiring endeavor. It’s easy to take for granted the years of sacrifice, hard work, and love that mothers contribute to our lives.   In many ways, mothers (including mine) are the ultimate image of servant […]

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Promote a Culture of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect, appreciate, and give thanks for all that we have.  For many of us, thankfulness is directed towards our family and friends who are seated beside us at the table.  However, too few share how grateful they are for their colleagues and employees. Gratitude Increases Engagement and Performance Research on […]

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3 Tips for Dealing with a “Hands Off” Leader

Far too often in my coaching practice I experience laissez-faire leaders.  It’s unfortunate because such leaders can disrupt both employee and team level of engagement and productivity.   Laissez-faire leaders often fail to take responsibility for leading.  They tend to believe that it’s best to be “hands off” or “supportive only when necessary.”  Some even believe […]

Leadership Effectiveness
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How One Leader Gets Better

When Gettysburg College contacted me to coach one of their directors, I never imagined that he was caught in an endless loop.  That’s how Michael Kotlinski, Gettysburg Bookstore Director, described his professional life.  He simply was not performing to his highest level and as a leader in retail that is a dangerous slope. Wants to […]

Women Leadership CEO Andrea Funk
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Leadership with CEO Andrea Funk of Cambridge Lee Industries

Andrea Funk, CEO of Cambridge-Lee Industries, is undoubtedly one of the most accomplished women in manufacturing.  She represents a very small percentage (less than one-half of 1%) of manufacturing leadership and is passionate about closing this gender gap for a more inclusive business environment. In this episode, we talk all about leadership. Andrea shares an early leadership moment […]

Inspirational Leadership
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What Inspiring Leaders Do

There is one leadership quality that separates the most effective leaders from the average or least effective. It is what even great athletes like Michael Phelps, LeBron James, and Sarah Welting do naturally.  And it is also the one trait that your colleagues would most like to have in their leader.   It is the […]

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Why Some People Have All the Luck

Some people just seem to have more luck than others.  In fact, many business leaders and professionals I know say that their success is simply a matter of luck. But in business is it entirely luck?   Consider these popular sayings:  “luck is preparation meeting opportunity” or “you make your own luck.”  And according to Ray […]

Jamila Payne Daily Success Routine
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Daily Success Routine with CEO Jamila Payne

Today, we’re talking to business leader Jamila Payne of Ideas Action Design and creator of the Daily Success Method, a work-life productivity process that empowers busy professionals to conquer their goals and effectively manage their day. On this podcast, you will hear many valuable success tips including how a mentor experience (in various forms) can accelerate your professional development and […]

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Leadership Secrets to Building Trust

There has been so much written about employee engagement, such as the recent research from the performance management company Gallup and how to build good company culture.   According to Gallup, today’s employees view work differently and expect more out of a job and company than leaders and managers traditionally have provided.   If I really had to identify […]

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Making Leadership Your Competitive Advantage with Alicia Lambert of Lambert Leadership Group

Alicia Lambert, founder of Lambert Leadership Group from Knoxville, Tennessee shares her best practices for developing great leadership talent.  In this episode, I talk with coaching colleague and lifelong learner Alicia about the parallels of success both in the game of athletics and business. During our conversation, Alicia spoke with heartfelt reverence about Pat Summit and her impact […]

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Kutztown University’s College of Business Dean Martha Geaney Talks about Leadership Skills for Success

Martha Geaney, PhD, dean of the College of Business at Kutztown University is passionate about education, business and leadership.  In this episode, I talk with Martha about her professional career transitions from being a middle school English teacher to management consultant and onward to college dean. One of the most inspiring things I learned during our conversation is how Martha transferred […]