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Accountability Starts With You

In my work as an executive coach, I have the opportunity to speak with business leaders and managers across multiple industries about their challenges.   One topic that is always difficult to broach is accountability. According to a Harvard Business Review survey, almost 50 percent of managers struggle with accountability. Yet, they want accountability to be a […]

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Saying No and Sticking to It

Saying “yes” to too many opportunities, too many projects, and too many people is a blueprint for failure. Especially when we just want to say “no” and then it all too often turns into a “yes.” Even as leaders, our challenge maybe an employee pleads or a customer argues and persuades — chipping away at […]

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Finding Gratitude in Everyday Life

“When things are taking their ordinary course, it is hard to remember what matters.  There are so many things you would never think to tell anyone.  And I believe they maybe the things that mean most to you.” – Marilynne Robinson Cultivating gratitude is a very important aspect of a happy life.  People who cultivate […]

New Year's Resolutions
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New Year’s Resolutions

No doubt New Year’s resolutions would be far less popular were they not motivated by the inevitable overindulgence of the holidays.  We continue to eat and drink more after Thanksgiving, and before we contemplate getting back to the gym, we are consumed by the Christmas rush and only to find our financial accounts deflated, our […]

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Tips to Focus When Tough Times Are Ahead

In a blog post by Marshall Goldsmith, he offers three simple and insightful tips for “Staying Focused when Tough Times are Ahead.”  This relevant topic sparked my interest in light of our country’s political and financial climates affecting the emotions of many people.  Here’s an excerpt from his blog post with some of my own […]

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It’s all an assumption

Most of us can rattle off the things we consider most important.  But does our reality truly match our deepest aspirations and actions?  Consider the challenges you are facing in life and business. What is truly important For many, our daily lives are consumed with “to-do’s,” interruptions, and assumptions all causing overwhelming anxiety and lack of […]