Stop Saying Just So Much
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Stop Saying “Just” So Much

Have you ever really thought about the words we use? You hear and say it every day.  It’s a seemingly inconspicuous single-syllable word, and yet it can undermine you in a second.   The culprit is “just.” I am not referring to the acceptable definition when “just” is an adjective to describe a recent action […]

Acknowledgement Goes a Long Way
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A Little Acknowledgement Goes A Long Way

“Keep up the great work”, “Well done in that meeting”, “Thank You”, “I appreciate you.”  They’re nice words, aren’t they?  Just going back and reading those words again makes me feel good.  But how often do we hear them?  Or more importantly, how often do we say them?  Acknowledgment is one of those things that you […]

Master the Art of Conversatio
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5 Reasons to Master the Art of Conversation

Have you ever thought about the way we communicate in our texting, emailing, social media-obsessed world?  With communication becoming more and more diluted by technology (chat acronyms, emojis, and bitmojis) there is a higher than ever importance of valuing great conversation—an essential element in building strong, mutually beneficial, and profitable relationships for business leaders and […]

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How to Rise as a Leader

Whether you have worked your way up the corporate ladder or started your own business, the path to leadership is not an easy one.  Simply holding a position in leadership does not make you a good leader. Over my years of coaching and consulting small to mid-size businesses, a truly great leader understands the multifaceted […]

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How to Have the Difficult Conversation

To be a successful leader, we need to be intimate not only with our strengths, but also with our inclinations to avoid conflict — which often means avoiding the difficult conversation.  Sometimes we may prefer to offer excuses for postponing the conversation or downplay its importance.   Perhaps we are searching to find the right words […]