How to Rise as a Leader

Whether you have worked your way up the corporate ladder or started your own business, the path to leadership is not an easy one.  Simply holding a position in leadership does not make you a good leader. Over my years of coaching and consulting small to mid-size businesses, a truly great leader understands the multifaceted aspect of leading and inspiring others; they are always developing themselves, and act as visionaries for their organization.  And they strive to help others reach their goals.  

For 28 years Tami Puccio has worked for H.M. Royal Inc., a chemical supplier company to a broad range of industries; most recently in the customer service department.   When I first met Tami, she described her professional life as Tami Puccio with Peg Calvario Leadership Coach“walking on eggshells.”  She struggled to champion her colleagues, empower leadership in herself, and be an effective communicator.   Her co-workers were often afraid to approach her, fearing the usual emotional reaction from their indignant colleague.  

However, I was struck by Tami’s loyalty and passion to rise as a leader.  With unwavering desire, she was willing to lean into her discomfort and vulnerability to become the leader she wanted to be.

Wherever you are in your career, here are a few tips that I learned from a rising leader.

Assess your communication style and impact on others.

Knowledge is power and knowing how your communication impacts others is gold.  With increased self-awareness and a more thoughtful communication approach, Tami now “pauses” instead of reacting; and listens more while guiding others to find solutions not angst.  The result is better relationships and more effective alliances with others.

How you show up as a leader can make all the difference.

If you want to rise in leadership, look at how you are showing up.   Although you may not be a part of the leadership team, Tami understood that everyone is a leader in their lives, their work and their family’s lives.  Here is how Tami is showing up as a leader:  she now connects with coworkers and her positive perception radiates confidence, self-esteem and competency.

Own your professional development plan

No one is in charge of your leadership growth but you.  If you do not receive a promotion or are not selected to work on a leading project, don’t blame your boss, others or circumstances.  Choose to be accountable rather than playing the role of victim.  Throughout our coaching meetings, Tami would ask for feedback and consider what she could do differently the next time.  

Although we live in an impatient and fast moving world.  Changing ourselves requires us to be patient and persevere when it’s hard.  These are a few of the qualities Tami has developed as a rising leader.  And the result is obvious as H.M. Royal’s President recently promoted her to the position of New Jersey Customer Service Manager.

Do you have what it takes to be a great leader?


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