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Usually, it is my job (as a coach) to ask questions. But today I want to share real answers to your questions.  It’s an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective to that business or life issue that has you feeling “stuck.”

Reduce Work Stress

Almost everyone of us who has a job, at some point, may feel the pressure of work-related stress.  Even if you love what you do.  There’s the pressure to meet a deadline, to fulfill a challenging obligation or you just feel overworked.  Work stress can fray your nerves, keep you up at night and contribute to health problems like heart disease and depression.  And even chronic work stress can put your overall health both physically and emotionally at risk.  Possibly impacting your overall job performance, productivity and satisfaction.

This week a reader shared her challenge of work-related stress and its impact on her life.  She writes:  “I’m feeling extremely exhausted, anxious and tensed that I am unable to function both mentally and physically.  I used to love my work but the stress makes every day unbearable to continue. I’ve thought about quitting, but then I’d jeopardize my financial future.  I don’t want to be living like this, what can I do?”

If you resemble this stressed out worker — consider taking a sabbatical for an extended amount of time to relax and rejuvenate.  The idea of a work hiatus or sabbatical is not unusual.  Sabbaticals have long been a staple of academic life; providing a break from teaching and administrative tasks.   It’s reasonable to assume that you will benefit from a sabbatical, and so may your company benefit as well.  

In a published study in the Journal of Applied Psychology, found that people who take sabbaticals not only experience a decline in stress during the sabbatical, but experience overall stress decline after returning to work as well (compared to their stress levels before they went on leave.)

Remember, the days are long and the years are short. Create your work hiatus to be an amazing, rejuvenating and life changing experience.  Go for it!   

If you have taken a sabbatical, what did you do?  

Got a real question about life, business, or leadership that you want an answer?  Send your anonymous questions to this link; I’d love to learn what’s on your mind and offer some real answers.  




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