Power of Daily Habits

Break Bad Habits with New Tricks

Everybody has habits they don’t like. But breaking them is tricky because you often do them without even realizing it.  Instead of focusing on breaking a bad habit, try teaching yourself a better one.

Identify a behavior you want to change – next visualize your bad habit as an image.  Write a list of the obstacles impeding your success to a healthier habit.  Then create a list of ten possible habits or success actions you could start.   Choose one new habit to replace your old ways.

Small constructive actions taken on a daily or routine basis can quickly give you a sense of accomplishment, make you feel better and forward momentum to your new finish.  Daily habits form the foundation for sustainable change.

What new action, if you committed to on a daily basis, would make a difference in your work or life?  Are you ready to start now?

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