Pottstown Memorial Medical Center’s Leadership Retreat

In today’s business environment, companies can not settle for incremental improvement; they must periodically experience a transformation to get, and stay, on top.  What can the CEO do to influence and engage others openly in transforming their organization despite having been hit with major obstacles?  

Consider this approach.FullSizeRender (19)

When CEO Rich Newell of Pottstown Memorial Medical Center, a 232-bed community hospital with 1150 employees told me about his plan for a leaders retreat, the leadership coach and patient advocate in me wore my heart on my sleeve.

Rich and I discussed the importance of providing a safe place for a group of 50 hospital leaders to connect, collaborate and engage with each other. The focus of the retreat would be to help them succeed by improving communications, building a strong team, and getting everyone personally involved.  

In the program design, we created opportunities to learn more about each other as human beings, assess the dominant PMMC culture, and brainstorm ideas to build a thriving organization in which the best people want to work and make an impact.  We used Tribal Leadership, in part as curriculum and got this group of leaders to rethink and reshape the ways they communicate and form relationships.

It was obvious this group of healthcare professionals needed to hear my personal story from a mother’s perspective (son born hypoplastic left heart syndrome and daughter’s osteosarcoma) only to remember what they do really matters to the patient experience.  And that fundamental shift is transformative to the patient, the family, the community and PMMC’s success.  

Leading a thriving company isn’t easy, but it doesn’t need to be hard.  If you would like to learn more about my leadership development programs and services, please contact me.


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