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Philadelphia Financial Advisor is On A Mission

Everyday my work offers me the opportunity to appreciate the greatness of human potential and the individuals I am honored to serve as their coach.  Here’s a preview of one great client who is an emerging Philadelphia Woman Leader in Business —

Eighteen months ago, Julie Terrana’s life was completely out of balance.  That’s not a good sign for a financial advisor who advises clients about the importance of diversification and asset allocation — critical components for building a healthy and wealthy portfolio.  This financial advisor’s largest asset; her life was on the decline creeping towards bankruptcy.  Tired of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and less than satisfied with her business performance – Julie committed to change the way she lived.

Like most high achievers, Julie aspires to greatness in all that she does.  Reaching work related goals are always a priority – applying that to your personal life was her challenge. What Julie wanted was a life of balance and the chance to live it to the fullest.  Isn’t that what we all really want?

Design Your Vision of Personal Success 

To start, I empowered Julie to design a clear and explicit vision of what personal success looks like  into the future.  Her vision encompassed all areas of life including fitness, travel, and relationships plus her business priorities of client growth, professional designations and leadership roles.  I do this vision work with all clients so that it gives a clear road map to future success.  The vision became Julie’s North Star in the creation of her life plan.

Writing a vision can sometimes be a challenge.  Although the exercise offers clarity and focus for “what’s next.”  That means small action steps towards achieving your goals. Coupled with coaching sessions for accountability and new insight, Julie started taking small steps towards personal success.

Keep Getting Better 

From the most successful individuals whether in athletics, medicine, the arts or business – you’ve got to keep getting better all the time if you want to achieve greatness.  In essence, once you achieve success — there’s no time to coast.  And no one knows that better than Julie.

On November 17th, Julie will run her first half marathon in Las Vegas.  It is Julie’s personal goal to create public awareness and raise $8,000 to benefit the Crohns & Colitis Foundation, and make an impact to the world.  You will be more inspired after you read Julie’s personal story of Crohns – an adversity that aspires her greatness in work and life.  Best of all, you can help Julie breakthrough to a new finish of 13.1 miles.

Cross Your Finish Line

What’s one of your major objectives you want to accomplish next year?  Do you have a personal vision to help get you there?

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