Maxine Clark — Allow Yourself to Dream Big and then Go for It

Maxine Clark, founder and former CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop knows how to build on her passion and seize the opportunities.   In this episode, I talk with Maxine about what compelled her to leave a corporate job at 47 and start a new retail entertainment business and what makes great leaders today.

One of the most inspiring things I learned during our conversation is that Maxine attributes her success to many influential people throughout her lifetime.  Especially to her mother for instilling high expectations on her daughters to make a difference in the world. Accompanied by this constant reminder, “you don’t get there on your own.”

Listen to this motivational episode and learn how you can unleash your ideas and follow your passion to be a great leader in life and business.



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Peg Calvario

Peg Calvario is a highly respected executive coach, facilitator and consultant with extensive leadership and business experience. Sought after for developing successful strategies to increase leadership performance and achieve professional career results. Based in the Greater Philadelphia region, she also works as a key member of the coaching team for The Ken Blanchard Companies, BetterUp and Villanova University EMBA.
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