Lessons from Time

This is a personal post dedicated to my daughter on the eighth anniversary of her passing.  In writing these letters, I can share her life and inspire others to lead a life of great purpose.


My dear Jodi,

Can we ever reconcile the measure of time?  The significance of this month and day . . . January 29th.  It is now eight years since that moment when we were summons to give you back.  My perception of time continues to transcend while unconsciously I treasure each day timeless as though it were your birth.

The memories of you, young, vibrantly alive and joyful are vivid  — sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.lessons in time

I have found myself traveling to places where I seek your presence or yearn to hold onto to “what was.”  Maybe wanting a glimmer of you in view – whether seen in magnificent pink sunsets, felt in your brother’s hug and father’s strong embrace or through the tears in our eyes knowing you are close by.

Just last week, I spent the afternoon in La Jolla with a visit to the Grand Colonial – remembering our family vacation in SoCal and all of your excitement.  Then walking along “The Cove” a training haven for athletic water polo players and surfers; a few still drive your favorite car – the convertible VW Bug.  Memories etched only to comfort me now.

What I have Learned are Timeless Treasures to Live By

It is not our circumstances that define our life; it is our response that shapes us.

Be present and take everything “one day at a time” (as they said in chemo and we repulsively wanted to ignore.)

Never let the urgent get in the way of what truly matters.  Always to appreciate our relationships, your family and friends – gifts you have given me.

And most of all the tragedies in our life have the potential to be the mortar for new beginnings.

So on this eighth anniversary, your infinite spirit weaves invisible threads of hope, visible proofs of love, and glorious new moments to take my breath away.  A simple way to be at peace.

All of my love,

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