It’s all an assumption

Most of us can rattle off the things we consider most important.  But does our reality truly match our deepest aspirations and actions?  Consider the challenges you are facing in life and business.

What is truly important

For many, our daily lives are consumed with “to-do’s,” interruptions, and assumptions all causing overwhelming anxiety and lack of control.  Is this because we have a very strong tendency to see what we want to see and what we expect to see?  I happen to believe that we expend too many of our resources on things that appear more urgent, in hopes to create the results we want.  Thus a loss on our commitments for what’s truly important.

The shift

If you have ever played the nine dot puzzle, the challenge is to connect the dots with four straight lines without taking pen from paper, within the square formed by the outer dots.  A challenging task assumed to offer no solution.

If you then add the phrase, feel free to connect beyond the lines — suddenly your thinking expands beyond the confine frames of your mind.  Your shift offers that new possibility to suddenly appear.


9Dots4LinesThe next time you face a challenge or opportunity, ask yourself this question:  What assumptions am I making, that I’m not aware I’m making, that gives me what I see?

With that answer, now ask yourself:  What might I now invent, that I haven’t yet invented, that would give me other choices?

Start now for more creativity, so you can design the life and business you envision.

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