Interdependence -vs- Independence

I have to admit, I really love the July fourth holiday.  I love the celebration of summertime traditions – from grilling to swimming to an evening of fireworks – all red, white and blue.  But most of all I love its truths – for a life of interdependence –vs- independence.   That’s what our founding fathers declared –equality for all and the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

As business owners and leaders, we rely on our strength, resilience, and independence to do it all on our own.  This is evident in our professional and personal lives – how often do you choose “I’ll do it myself” rather than asking for help.  An independent mindset can trigger us to feel more overwhelmed, resentful and even exhausted – especially when we’re doing it all.

What I’ve learned coaching business owners and leaders is that to achieve personal best – you need to think and act differently.  Much of what you need to shift is how and when to ask for help – exactly when you want breakthrough results.

Lifetime goals (and even your daily goals) can only be achieved when you ask and engage the support of others to help.  What if you could exponentially accomplish one goal that will impact your business or life this year?  Who can help you cross the finish?

Five years ago, I had a personal goal to sell our family fitness club business.  With the help of my REX Roundtable, my peer group of confidents – I was able to initiate a strategy, execute the plan and make it to settlement.  Although it may appear that I did it on my own — truthfully this breakthrough goal required interdependence with every step from start to finish.

What’s next for you?   It’s mid-year, what do you want to achieve in 2013?   This holiday weekend, take time to reflect and even re-set your goals.  Practice interdependence and ask, “what do I want?” and “who can help me?”  Think differently – join a peer group, hire a coach, seek a mentor or barter your services.  Personal success demands your being of interdependence.   Are you willing to ask for help?

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