Intention the Secret to Achieving Your Goals

Moving with Grace and Intention into 2014

If you saw my recent Facebook posts, you know that I returned back to the Hill School pool to meet the swimmer who broke my late-daughter Jodi’s 500 free record set in 2001.

It started with an email from a proud mother, who was elated about her daughter’s success and curious to know more of the swimmer who “dived-in” the once sacred “all boys” water not too long ago.

Within moments of a google search, the unexpected story revealed my personal blog, Letters to Jodi. And she soon learned more about Jodi’s “being” and less of her list of accomplishments and achievements.

Intention is your “being” or spiritual essence.  It is how you want to show up in the world, how you want to feel, and how you want to impact others.  Start to be grateful, compassionate, mindful, energized, connected, or thoughtful … as the mother who reached out to me.

The choice is yours; set an annual intention “to be __.”  Use it as you act on your goals, making your year, and you more impactful.


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