How to Set Goals for the Life You Really Want

In my work I often ask people to share their dreams and aspirations — together we design a plan in pursuit of reaching their goals.

A few days ago, an accomplished professional shared her goals for the next five – ten years:  from ownership in a trucking company, to launching a family business, to her M.B.A. from Wharton, and a national speaking recognition from Toastmasters – nothing could contain her enthusiasm and passion for living life fully in her sixth decade.

Goals Are Everything 

Goals are everything and you are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream but …

What if your next goal or next dream does not propel you to living an amazing life?

Stop Setting the Wrong Goals and Start Using Your Goals to Determine the Journey not the Destination

Many of us believe that life will be better by setting goals, making plans and hard work to reach our goal – that is until we are there.  Then only to realize that we achieved the wrong goal and we ended up missing life in the process – and not in a superficial way but at the expense of our family, relationships, health, and inner spirit.

No one really teaches you how to set goals that would give you the life you really want.

Youarenevertooold4 Tips for Setting Goals for the Life You Really Want

  1. Stop setting goals for all the wrong reasons.  Setting goals based on the destination can leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and frustrated.  Shift your focus towards enjoying the steps along the journey.
  2. Choose a goal to create a life direction.  Ask questions such as:  “How do you want to spend your time?  What activities create enthusiasm?  What will deepen your learning?   Who do you want to hang out with?”
  3. If the goal doesn’t work, change it.  The one and only reason to set a goal is to intently change your life.  Rather than set a goal in hopes that it will change your life – choose a goal that serves as a compass giving you an awesome life journey.
  4.  Trust yourself.  Your goal is not about where you end up, instead your goal is to “show up” and live the life you really want.

What goals do you need to revise, so that you can really live the life you want?

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