How an Attitude of Gratitude Contributes to Business Success: World Gratitude Day, September 21st

Are you aware that today is World Gratitude Day?

This day was created by a Group within the United Nations so that people could find ways to express their appreciation for all the good things that groups and also individuals do to make life better for others.  The idea was to do this at the global level.

Everyday my work and life offer me the opportunity to appreciate the greatness of human potential.  During a recent trip with REX Roundtables (Roundtables for Executives), we visited Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, and learned a few of this company’s success secrets – create a culture of positive appreciation.   And this cool small company absolutely lives it.

I later thought about the CEO, Ari Weinzweig’s life philosophy which is strikingly a large part of the Zingerman’s business success.

Here are a few practices that I learned and inspired to share from Ari:

  1. Appreciate Yourself:  An appreciative environment has to start from within ourselves.  Treat yourself with the same respectful approach the you want to deliver to others.
  2. Appreciate Others:  Pay close attention to the many positive things that surround you.  Try to journal almost daily and make a list of the people and things you have failed to appreciate lately.
  3. Encourage Appreciation:  Part of our job as leaders (both in work and life) is to help others to be successful.  Start by being appreciative of those you work with and serve.
  4. Start Doing Appreciations:  Devote time and mental energy for positive recognition.

cdb5b7eea5cecae206a052cb2f307296It has been five years this month since the global financial crisis.  It is often easier to complain than to appreciate all the good people and things which make our lives better.  What I know for sure is an attitude of gratitude appreciates higher rates of success for any business.

What helps you succeed in your business?

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