Grow Your Winning Team of Employees

When Klein Transportation, a family owned bus company for over 50 years based in the tricounty area, told me about their plan to grow a winning team of employees, I was excited to help them achieve their business goal.

New Approaches and Solutions for Employee Success 

The Klein leadership team was looking for new approaches and solutions to equip their employees for success at work. Regardless of their positions, they shared a mutual interest in the customer’s experience and recognized opportunities for better customer service, communication, and engagement.  They wanted to focus on getting better, rather than trying to show how successful they already were.  kleinsumtraining linkin

Getting Better

The training process began exploring our “why” — a key motivator for what gives your work meaning. They shared inspiring stories about making someone’s day by acts of kindness on a school bus, showing genuine hospitality as a motor coach tour guide and even connecting with customers while booking travel reservations.

Practical and Applicable Methods 

We learned practical methods for providing exceptional customer service from the leaders at Nordstrom and Disney. Continuing with our training, we reinforced effective communication skills and its application in difficult situations. Through our shared purpose, communication and relationships we discussed many ways that our team has the ability to affect the company’s bottom line.

From what I know, there are no limits to the possibilities of developing and training your employees to be their best. Klein Transportation certainly demonstrates that commitment and appreciation for their employees for who they are, not just for what they do.

Take the lead and grow your winning team of employees.

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