Goals Can Make You Happy

Seems like the whole world is “Happy.” There are happy songs and then there is Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.”   What is it about this song, which is so infectiously enjoyable?  Is it the catchy melody?  Is it the insistent nature of such lyrics as “clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth?”  Or is it the lyrics and melodies that make you feel so happy?   Yes!  It is all that and more.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could experience that contagious level of happiness with your goals?  Imagine the impact!

Moment of Happiness

Reaching any goal will generally give you at least a moment of happiness.  That’s exactly how I felt the other week crossing the 13.1 mile finish line in spite of cold rain and a running  injury only to achieve a dismal finish time with a short-lived feeling of accomplishment.

And then there is that long lasting “makes my heart sing” happiness feeling that’s associated with a certain kind of goal.  We all experience that kind of happiness in life from time to time.  When we spend special time with friends and family, when we give selflessly of our time or resources to other people in need, or even when we fall in love, we feel really happy.

I could use more of that kind of happiness in my life, and I think you could too.

Research shows that some goals such as creating and strengthing your relationship, or giving to your community are much better for us, because they nourish our essential needs as human beings.   No wonder goals can make you happy.

Achieving your goal isn’t everything — what you want and why you want it matter equally in the long run.  Don’t you agree?


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