30 Minutes to Get Out of Comfort Zone

30 Minutes to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There are definitive correlations between doing something different and taking potential risks, and finding more success. Have you counted the number of times you have gone outside of your comfort zone — each day or week? Once, twice or maybe even more?

Eliminate the fear of discomfort  

If you step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to take one small and doable risk just one time per day, would you be wasting time or gaining opportunities? What is the cost/benefit of doing something different?

Take the first step

Think about this. What would happen if one day you decide to do something different than you usually do just for 30 minutes?  Maybe you decide to break old habits and challenge yourself.

Rise to challenge your professional and personal growth

  • Reach out to another professional (or role model) who is at a further point in his/her career to ask for advice.
  • Make a proactive colleague/client call and discuss a contact of theirs on LinkedIn.
  • Say yes.  Volunteer and give of your talents to a non-profit, local school, civic group or do other good deeds.
  • Become a mentor and pour yourself into other people’s lives.  
  • Read.  Reading will increase your vocabulary, help you express goals, open your mind to new ideas and perspectives, and stimulate the brain.  
  • Listen to my podcast with LuAnn Cahn about getting out of your comfort zone.
  • Unplug from all tech gadgets.
  • Call a prospect who has not been responding.
  • Contact a strategic alliance to ask for a first meeting.
  • Power nap for 20-30 minutes especially if no one else at work does it.  Napping will boost alertness and help you feel physically recovered.
  • Get over your intimidation and hang with people more successful than you.  If you don’t raise the bar, you are destined to remain mediocre.

What could possibly happen?

Yes, there is a real challenge with having a lack of time to do something different. But time blocking 30 minutes in a day (no more than that) to complete one bonus “risk” activity may just be worth it!  So rise to the challenge, build your confidence, and get out of your comfort zone today.

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