Finish the Year Stronger

Can you remember what you had hoped to do this year? Was this the year you wanted to write a book?  Start a business? What personal and professional goals do you still want to achieve?

With more than 75 days left in 2014, you can finish the year stronger.

“Whatever happened in the past is done.  Do not carry forward that stress.  Let it go, and focus on what you want to create from today moving forward.”  – Kyle Durand.

Here are 3 practical tips you can start now:

1.  Get out your calendar and get clear about the exact amount of time you have to work with for the remainder of the year.

2.  Revisit or revise your original list of goals for the year and ask yourself:

  • Is this goal still very exciting and relevant?
  • What goal, when executed, will set up my new year for the most success and opportunity?
  • What goal is actually feasible to finish in the time I have remaining in 2014?

3.  Create a plan of the specific actions you will do for the next 30 days toward       accomplishing the goal.

While you may not be able to squeeze in another vacation, you can try something completely new.  There’s time to learn how to speak Italian, start salsa dancing, or even train for a local Turkey Trot.

You might be able to take a long weekend getaway or go on a spiritual retreat.  You may even do something “non-traditional” and make this Thanksgiving the best ever.

Any of these will propel you to accomplish what’s most important to you in 2014. Plus, imagine all of the interesting things you get to write about in your holiday letter.

I’d love to work with you and make the rest of this year stronger.  Let’s schedule a time to chat.

Don’t let the year end weak, finish strong.

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