Fall Back or A New Start

Get back to it . . .
or a NEW start?  

September is a time we choose to either “get back to it,” or choose “to start new.”

I’m seeing signs of back to school and that reflects the grey reality for me of summer’s wind-down. Simultaneously, it’s also the start of a new season — especially for my husband and his high school football team forcing me to get back to life as a “football widow.”

I know for myself, there are times when I look forward to “get back” at it — like the rhythm of fall schedules, a return to the familiar ways of living, indulgence of pumpkin spice coffee, and event those “unfinished” projects or tasks necessary for completion.

Or the choice “to start new” sparks curiosity and motivates me to the starting line — like setting new goals, starting new business initiatives, engage new relationships including my new fitness challenge via joining a masters swim team (more on that later.)

What we know is true, “Change is inevitable.  Change is constant.”

As Labor Day dawns upon us — let go of the rush to start fall early and return back to summer even if it’s the last time this year.

I know I’ll start in September.

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