Embrace Change

3 Powerful Ways to Embrace Change

Want to be at the top of your game all of the time? Then you really need to learn to embrace change. Most of us like to keep things the way they are; and prefer to stay in our comfort zone. But the world is constantly changing and thus always presenting us with new opportunities and situations.  Things change.  Furthermore: 

“Comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort”. – Peter McWilliams

Leaders ask questions like, “What’s next?” and “What am I getting better at?”

Here are three ideas to embrace change in your life and career.

As an executive coach, I meet a lot of great people, from corporate directors to government managers to sales professionals.  More than any other, one single attribute separates people in the workplace. That’s attitude.  

Attitude is critical when it comes to embracing change.   Attitude is the only thing we can control in life. Leaders naturally are always looking for ways to grow, learn, and get better.  It’s my belief as a person or a business, you are either moving forward or moving backward, but are never standing still.  That’s why embracing change needs to be a part of your company culture.  

3 Ways to Embrace Change


1. Don’t look back.   I prefer not to dwell on the past, but rather reflect on the lessons learned especially from the most difficult ones.  Put your focus and energy into present circumstances. Thinking about “what’s next” is what propels us forward.

2. Ask yourself, “What’s next?”  That one question opens your mind to new possibilities and creative ideas.  You start to think bigger. You begin to ask yourself what’s possible.  Most people are afraid to think big; afraid to challenge themselves to greatness.  Embracing change is essential for you to grow and get better.

3. Be bold.  When it comes to setting goals; dream big and believe in your ability to achieve that goal. If you don’t believe, don’t stretch, and you don’t set your aim at big bold goals; you have no chance to ever reach them.  Your attitude is key for overcoming the fear of change.


Take It to the Next Level


What can I do to improve?
What can I do to be better?
What can I do to lead by example?

In conclusion the key to your growth and success lies in embracing change, not resting on the past.

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