Effective networking for career success

5 Keys to Effective Networking

For some people, networking can feel uncomfortable and contrived, and even cause social paralysis (aka being “tongue-tied”.)  For others, just the thought of attending a networking event can produce an inordinate amount of stress.  Ever notice the ones who seem so naturally comfortable with networking that they always walk away with new career or business opportunities.   

What’s the Difference

And is it possible to learn to network so that it feels more natural?  I believe anyone can learn to be a natural networker and enjoy the experience.  

The Importance of Effective Networking

Whether you are seeking to advance your career or grow your business; networking is one of the most effective ways to make yourself known.  Some career experts say 70-85% of people end up in their current position thanks to networking and it’s critical in building business relationships.

Practice these Principles and Elevate Your Networking Success

1.  Be relationship-based, not transaction-based.  Networking requires an investment in time and effort to create long-term relationships.

2.  Have a genuine interest in people, as people.  Successful networkers see past an impressive title, powerful position, or profitable business opportunity.  Get to know the whole person from that person’s interests outside of work.

3.  Listen more, talk less.  Networking is about curiosity and learning about the other person before saying much about yourself.

4.  Give without asking for anything.  Successful networkers interact with others from a mindset of “How can I help you?” yet also know their boundaries in order to avoid burning out.

5.  Focus on building trust.  Successful networkers are authentic and trustworthy.  Act with  integrity, and treat the relationship with care.  

Networking happens anywhere, anytime, not just at “networking events”

The next time you are at the gym or in the supermarket, practice these principles and watch how developing mutually beneficial relationships enriches every part of your life.  

5 Keys to Effective Networking

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