Design Your Life: 6 Tips to Create Your Perfect Day

What would you be doing tomorrow if you could do anything at all?  What would your perfect day be like?  How would you design your life?

Often we go through life as the result of circumstances and events that shape our life to what it is today.  Sometimes we even function on “auto-pilot” and settle for what we have always done because the thought of designing our life isn’t easy.  Perhaps you are experiencing the rumbles of a life “unlived” — desiring more passion, engagement and happiness in your work and life.

Ready for a fresh start  . . . create your perfect day.  What does it look like?

Start the process by asking yourself these questions – then dare to imagine the infinite possibilities.

1. What’s important?  Ask yourself what is most important to you.  What do you love doing?  Who do you love spending time with?  Make a short list of 4-5 things.

2. What is your passion? What do you really love doing? Can it be a way you make your living? If you can make a career or business out of doing something you love, you will love your day. Dare to imagine that this could come true.

3. Design your perfect day. Start with a blank canvas and write your perfect day or ideal schedule.  Incorporate your short list of 4-5 most important things above, to ensure that you are spending your day doing what’s most important to you.  Also include time spent working at your passion.

4. Create your plan to get there. What changes would you need to make in your life to make your perfect day a reality?  Be willing to consider drastic changes if necessary.  Your plan may take 6 months, a year or five, but you can get there eventually, if you want it enough.  Commit to make it a reality.

5. Start today with small changes.  What changes can you make that are under your direct control?   Your morning and evening routines are usually the easiest for such small changes.  Notice what’s on your short list and consider eliminating the non-important activities to create more time for what’s important.

6. Visualize.   Post your perfect day, visualize the changes you are making and who you are becoming.  What you see in your mind’s eye can strongly influence your beliefs and energy.  You are the designer of your life.

Isn’t it time to create a fresh start and live the life you most desire?

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