Creating More Impact as a Leader

From the manufacturing plant floor, or at the management meeting, leaders have many places to create more impact with their team.  If you want to accelerate your leadership growth, here are a few ideas where you can find more joy in your work and life.

Be present.   

In our hyperactive world of 24/7, pause and consider this one moment and appreciate it.  Be here, right now.  Not thinking about two days ago, not wondering about what could occur in the future, but now.  

Intently listen and focus your attention.   

Where is your focus?  Are you focusing on yourself?  On the other person?  Or on the intended outcome? All three have value.  Determining the correct focal point will differentiate you as a transformative leader.


Do you spend more time focusing on what you want or don’t want?  Are you focusing more on what you get or what you give?  Is your focus on catching people not doing their job well, rather than recognizing and appreciating what they offer the organization?

Set intentions.   

Ask yourself:  what’s my vision for today?  How do I want others to feel in my presence?  If you want to set yourself up for greater success, commit to setting a daily intention.

Show up.  

This is your life, you’re the leader of it and no one else can create it for you.  This is your day, your conversation, your meeting and your desire to be fully present and show up being your absolute personal best.  

Let me know which one will accelerate your growth as a leader.  


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