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Collegeville Optometrist Achieves Goal Walking 60 Miles for Breast Cancer and More

I work with optometrists and other goal-driven professionals who want to create breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives.  It’s interesting to me that so many high achieving professionals are overwhelmed by feeling less than satisfied with their lives. Perhaps the act to pursue our goals only results in a guarantee to keep us busy and never make us truly happy.

You’d think that being successful is all that matters and is a natural fit to these high achievers.   After all, they have already figured out strategies to succeed in graduate school, their work and family life.  So, I want to ask – does pursuing your goals make you truly happy?

Goals and Happiness 

I believe the answer is – choose the kind of goals that fulfill your basic human needs of relatedness, competence, and autonomy which leads to greater happiness, well-being and a more meaningful life.   And to avoid focusing too much on fame, prestige, and wealth — although these goals may get you what you want, it won’t make you happier for the long run.

When I first met Tressa Malikkal – she was the example of a highly successful goal-driven professional who struggled to experience balance in her life.  Together we set a year worth of goals that integrated her personal and professional life.

Collegeville Optometrist Sets Goal

Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure, Philadelphia

Susan G Komen 3 Day for the Cure, Philadelphia

Last weekend Collegeville optometrist Tressa Malikkal, ambitiously pursued one of these kind of goals — the challenge to walk 60 miles for breast cancer research plus raise funds for this noble cause.  After three long 20-mile days of unseasonable heat, blisters, cries of sorrow and unwavering doubt; Tressa and her team enthusiastically crossed the pink balloon arch finish.  Most of all this goal significantly fulfilled Tressa’s needs for connection, caring for a greater cause, and working in collaboration with others — all essential ingredients for real success and happiness.  Best of all, Tressa can apply this experience to achieving her business and team goals.

3 Key Questions to Ask

If the next goal you chose to tackle is in pursuit of lasting happiness – ask these three questions:

1.  Do your goals create and strengthen your relationships? Or give back to your community?
2.  Are your goals satisfying the need for personal growth, experiential learning or developing new skills?
3.  Do your goals reflect your own passions and core values?

Tell me, what kinds of goals are you pursuing right now?  

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