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Accountability Starts With You

In my work as an executive coach, I have the opportunity to speak with business leaders and managers across multiple industries about their challenges.   One topic that is always difficult to broach is accountability. According to a Harvard Business Review survey, almost 50 percent of managers struggle with accountability. Yet, they want accountability to be a […]

Stop Saying Just So Much
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Stop Saying “Just” So Much

Have you ever really thought about the words we use? You hear and say it every day.  It’s a seemingly inconspicuous single-syllable word, and yet it can undermine you in a second.   The culprit is “just.” I am not referring to the acceptable definition when “just” is an adjective to describe a recent action […]

Afraid to Make a Career Change
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Afraid To Make A Career Change

Does the thought of making a career change stop you from moving forward?   Or do you prefer the comfort of what’s old, and wrestle with building a new?    Perhaps we fear the process to make the change, and don’t want to expose ourselves to rejection, disappointment, or failure.  We contemplate our situation, ask others […]

happiness at work
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Four Habits to Be Happier at Work

There might be many reasons why your job makes you miserable. Maybe you are bored, your manager is terrible, or the company culture is toxic.  If you aren’t experiencing any workplace dis-ease, bravo! You’ve hit the jackpot. But, if you desire more satisfaction at work, you may not need to find a new job or […]

Acknowledgement Goes a Long Way
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A Little Acknowledgement Goes A Long Way

“Keep up the great work”, “Well done in that meeting”, “Thank You”, “I appreciate you.”  They’re nice words, aren’t they?  Just going back and reading those words again makes me feel good.  But how often do we hear them?  Or more importantly, how often do we say them?  Acknowledgment is one of those things that you […]

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Get Someone to Like You in 3 Minutes

Making an impression is important.  As leaders in our work and life being likable is sometimes critical to building relationships with colleagues and others.  So what can you do to quickly become likable?  Could a simple skill like listening improve your likability and your overall leadership effectiveness?  The act of listening has been proven to elevate your […]

new year do things differently
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A New Year to Do Things Differently

At the start of a new year, I encourage my clients to follow a practice I do of reviewing the past year before setting intentions for the new one.  I find that a thorough review of the previous year can provide important guidance for growth and moving ahead.  I make a list of “successes, accomplishments, […]

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Promote a Culture of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect, appreciate, and give thanks for all that we have.  For many of us, thankfulness is directed towards our family and friends who are seated beside us at the table.  However, too few share how grateful they are for their colleagues and employees. Gratitude Increases Engagement and Performance Research on […]

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Building Resilience

Currently, one-fourth to one-third of all employees view their job as the number one stressor in their lives, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Many of us work in constantly connected, always-on, highly demanding work cultures where stress and the risk of burnout are universal. Since the pace and intensity is not likely […]

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4 Reasons to Attend Your Next Conference

I have been attending conferences for years. Some I had little expectations, and walked away being greatly impressed. Others where I was an “industry newbee” and felt really stretched out of my comfort zone; and determined to learn new skills. Regardless, I can’t think of a conference that did not expand my network, my learning […]

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3 Tips for Dealing with a “Hands Off” Leader

Far too often in my coaching practice I experience laissez-faire leaders.  It’s unfortunate because such leaders can disrupt both employee and team level of engagement and productivity.   Laissez-faire leaders often fail to take responsibility for leading.  They tend to believe that it’s best to be “hands off” or “supportive only when necessary.”  Some even believe […]

Master the Art of Conversatio
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5 Reasons to Master the Art of Conversation

Have you ever thought about the way we communicate in our texting, emailing, social media-obsessed world?  With communication becoming more and more diluted by technology (chat acronyms, emojis, and bitmojis) there is a higher than ever importance of valuing great conversation—an essential element in building strong, mutually beneficial, and profitable relationships for business leaders and […]

30 Minutes to Get Out of Comfort Zone
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30 Minutes to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There are definitive correlations between doing something different and taking potential risks, and finding more success. Have you counted the number of times you have gone outside of your comfort zone — each day or week? Once, twice or maybe even more? Eliminate the fear of discomfort   If you step outside of your comfort […]

Jamila Payne Daily Success Routine
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Daily Success Routine with CEO Jamila Payne

Today, we’re talking to business leader Jamila Payne of Ideas Action Design and creator of the Daily Success Method, a work-life productivity process that empowers busy professionals to conquer their goals and effectively manage their day. On this podcast, you will hear many valuable success tips including how a mentor experience (in various forms) can accelerate your professional development and […]

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Top 10 Ways Leaders Unwind

Whether you are leading a healthcare organization through tremendous change and complexities or running your own business — you need to unwind.   Even the most successful and productive people I know make unwind time a priority.  I want to share what leaders do to unwind so you can unwind too — even if you think […]