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Why Multitasking Fails

Do you think you’re good at multitasking?  Feeling energized that you can accomplish writing multiple email messages while simultaneously listening to discussions on a conference call?  The ability to multitask is something some people brag about.   It is also the way many people who struggle with being able to focus operate.  Is it the most […]

Effective networking for career success
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5 Keys to Effective Networking

For some people, networking can feel uncomfortable and contrived, and even cause social paralysis (aka being “tongue-tied”.)  For others, just the thought of attending a networking event can produce an inordinate amount of stress.  Ever notice the ones who seem so naturally comfortable with networking that they always walk away with new career or business […]

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Creating More Impact as a Leader

From the manufacturing plant floor, or at the management meeting, leaders have many places to create more impact with their team.  If you want to accelerate your leadership growth, here are a few ideas where you can find more joy in your work and life. Be present.    In our hyperactive world of 24/7, pause […]

Calm Emotion
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How To Keep Calm And Carry On

Have you ever experienced a day of emotional “frenzy” and all you want is to keep calm, manage your emotions and carry on? Be honest. The way we live is exhausting — from trying to juggle work and our personal lives, to people issues and our workload.  These “stressors” really do contribute to our emotional […]

New Year's Resolutions
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New Year’s Resolutions

No doubt New Year’s resolutions would be far less popular were they not motivated by the inevitable overindulgence of the holidays.  We continue to eat and drink more after Thanksgiving, and before we contemplate getting back to the gym, we are consumed by the Christmas rush and only to find our financial accounts deflated, our […]

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Be Here Now

It’s easy to drift through the day, to move without thinking from one task to the next.   Our lives are so crowded, we do so many things and it’s all pulling for our attention.  Do we ever realize life while we live it?  Or do distractions, worries, and the multitude of urgencies control our […]