Afraid to Make a Career Change
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Afraid To Make A Career Change

Does the thought of making a career change stop you from moving forward?   Or do you prefer the comfort of what’s old, and wrestle with building a new?    Perhaps we fear the process to make the change, and don’t want to expose ourselves to rejection, disappointment, or failure.  We contemplate our situation, ask others […]

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How to Thrive in the Workplace

Earlier this month at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Carla Harris, Vice Chairman of Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley, gave an emotionally charged keynote on how to thrive in the workplace. Although traditional career success can often seem one dimensional, like keep your personal matters outside of work. Carla broke that mold with her multi-faceted […]

Effective networking for career success
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5 Keys to Effective Networking

For some people, networking can feel uncomfortable and contrived, and even cause social paralysis (aka being “tongue-tied”.)  For others, just the thought of attending a networking event can produce an inordinate amount of stress.  Ever notice the ones who seem so naturally comfortable with networking that they always walk away with new career or business […]

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Resilience the Key to Career Success

As an executive coach, I know that the path to achieving professional success is not easy and nor is it what it used to be.  The idea that career success is climbing the corporate ladder and then hanging on with loyalty until retirement.  Or even spending your whole career in one organization or industry, seems less […]

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Top 10 Ways Leaders Unwind

Whether you are leading a healthcare organization through tremendous change and complexities or running your own business — you need to unwind.   Even the most successful and productive people I know make unwind time a priority.  I want to share what leaders do to unwind so you can unwind too — even if you think […]

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What Do You Do?

“What do you do?” Not too long ago, I’d struggle to answer; even to say the words, “I’m a coach.”   I’d try so hard to sound like a seasoned professional – that “fake it, til you make it” became my mantra. Why – because for more than 25 years, I was a business owner and […]

finish strong
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What You Need to Finish Strong

Spring is here and the first quarter of the year is almost complete, which means, “how are you doing” in regards to reaching your goals.   For me, whether I am on target or not even close – it’s time to evaluate what changes I can apply for success. What about You? Recently, I was feeling […]

New Year's Resolutions
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New Year’s Resolutions

No doubt New Year’s resolutions would be far less popular were they not motivated by the inevitable overindulgence of the holidays.  We continue to eat and drink more after Thanksgiving, and before we contemplate getting back to the gym, we are consumed by the Christmas rush and only to find our financial accounts deflated, our […]

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The Power of Words

In a blog post by Michael Hyatt, he offers three suggestions for how a shift in your vocabulary can instantly change your attitude.  This communication topic sparked my curiosity because words have power. Words impact others, but they can also have an impact on us. You must be the change you want to see in […]

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It’s all an assumption

Most of us can rattle off the things we consider most important.  But does our reality truly match our deepest aspirations and actions?  Consider the challenges you are facing in life and business. What is truly important For many, our daily lives are consumed with “to-do’s,” interruptions, and assumptions all causing overwhelming anxiety and lack of […]

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Challenges and Opportunities are often Perplexed

It might be that your challenges are causing you frustrations.  You may even feel stuck and can’t define what matters. My guess is that many of us perceive our challenges as a circumstance, threat or impossibility unable to change because of complexity. No matter what’s holding you back from being your personal best, “every problem has […]