Getting Better Goals

Getting Better Goals Can Boost Your Success

Much of my day is spent talking with people who are ready to accomplish their work and personal goals. Many of them believe and have the ability to reach their goals, but sometimes the self-pressure to “be perfect” right at the start results in failing to meet expectations.

What is more important is the desire to “get better” – to develop or enhance your habits, skills or abilities – as a mastery goal.

So how does this apply to you and your goals?

Consider this, if you believe that your talent, personality, and physical aptitudes are fixed – then no matter what you do, it is impossible to ever reach your goal.  However decades of research on motivation and success suggests that the belief in fixed ability is completely wrong!

You can make better choices, create positive change, and reach your fullest potential. When you let go of perfection and pursue mastery goals (get-better), you are less likely to blame difficulties, setbacks, and poor performance on a lack of your ability, because you haven’t mastered it yet – so it’s ok for an occasional screw up.

The Shift to Getting Better 

Shift to a “get better” mindset via ask more questions, seek expert help, or even pursue a different strategy.  Don’t compare yourself and your current performance to others; compare yourself to your own past performance.

View your experience as an opportunity to deepen your learning, acknowledge that improvement takes time and requires action.

The most important question that matters is, “are you improving?”

What I know for sure — “perfect is the enemy of good.”

Start now.




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