Be Here Now

It’s easy to drift through the day, to move without thinking from one task to the next.   Our lives are so crowded, we do so many things and it’s all pulling for our attention.  Do we ever realize life while we live it?  Or do distractions, worries, and the multitude of urgencies control our lives?

In a few days, I will be on Thanksgiving vacation with my family.  My mind is a web spinning threads of “to do lists,” scheduling clients, business development, organizing the house, packing, and feelings of “so little time.”  All the while I want to pay attention, savor the moments of life, and be present.

To be present means I value the moment — giving my life meaning.  If I become aware of being present, I appreciate being alive.  Joan Didion wrote, “Every day is all there is.” Whether you want to savor life’s experience or the abundance of Thanksgiving with more gratitude – pay attention, just for the moment and be present right now.

Mindfulness is similar to exercise.  If you don’t take time to practice and cultivate the habit — you will simply lose it.  This week take 30 minutes to get outdoors without listening to music or talking on the phone and in silence be here and now in the rhythm of nature. Sometimes you only need nature’s landscape to truly appreciate a moment.

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