Attorney Writes Her Goals and Makes It Happen

Is it possible there are no coincidences?   That’s what I always tell myself when the serendipity of life reveals itself to me.   It’s magical.  I am sure you experience that same positive feeling like “it was meant to be.”

Well that’s exactly what happened when Jen and I met a few years ago – rather serendipitously via our morning routines.  Jen en-route to work and I out for my morning run.  Unknown to us, our paths destined to connection – thanks to social media and our love for yoga.

A few nights ago, we met to celebrate the new year and have dinner.  Given the date of January 31st, we chatted about our 2014 goals (personal and professional), challenges to ensure we don’t abandon them, and our focus to reach the finish line in whatever we pursue.  I was really enjoying our conversation and didn’t expect what happened next.

The Unexpected

Jen, a single mother of two boys, accomplished attorney, and active in her community; shared that last year she wanted to create positive changes in her work and personal life. So she decided to do what I write about in posts for achieving your goals and creating impact in your life and work.

Write It Down

She shared her experience – first, I wrote down my goals in a journal (what will I have), and then I wrote the necessary steps to getting me closer to my goal (how this will come to be), and with commitment I achieved all of my personal and professional goals in 2013. Then she said,

“Writing down my goals works and it’s magical.”

But I asked, “What can you do differently this year?  What if you shared your goals with someone else?”

Share Your Goal with Others 

5ppl-to-help-you-achieve-goalsTelling someone else about your goals can dramatically increase your commitment, create accountability, and assure greater success.  I even told Jen that I too have shared my 2014 written goals with five different people.  As we walked out of the restaurant, Jen thought of a colleague whom she’d enroll to help her reach her goals and make 2014 the best year ever.

Before you abandon your goals, connect with someone who will not only help you reach your goals — but more importantly will impact your life. Just like Jen.

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