Afraid to Make a Career Change

Afraid To Make A Career Change

Does the thought of making a career change stop you from moving forward?   Or do you prefer the comfort of what’s old, and wrestle with building a new?   

Perhaps we fear the process to make the change, and don’t want to expose ourselves to rejection, disappointment, or failure.  We contemplate our situation, ask others for advice, and even hope there’s a turnaround.  Is it that we are afraid of taking risks in general?  Whatever the reason, experience shows that change can be a catalyst to our growth and development.

Maybe you have been at your job for a few years; and feeling a lack of trust, appreciation, and transparency.  You are close to the tipping point.  But, what if job market volatility and other factors (like age) contribute to few fruitful opportunities?  The decision to either stick it out or make the leap is really hard.  

The statistics say you’re more likely to find success at a new job, but you hesitate to change because you focus on all the “if only” situations which could have turned out differently.  While simultaneously you forget the multitude of decisions you chose that turned out for the better.

You Must Know What Success Looks Like

The first step is to define what success in your career would actually look like.   What do you really want from the work you do?  Is it more money, better work culture, positive people, career growth, contribution for greater impact?  

Write your list and prioritize the top three.  Visualize what it is you really want rather than just dream about “something better.”  

When you visualize what a successful career looks like, you can objectively look at the options in front of you.  Suddenly, some choices look a lot more favorable and others not so.  Maybe there are still many more options and plenty of doubt; but only a few are easily available to you.

Once you’ve defined what success actually looks like, you might still not know what is the right answer.  If you decide to make a change — let it be your catalyst. 

And if you only want more money — there’s plenty of research that suggests you should be changing jobs frequently.  

Struggling to make a change in your career?  What would success look like if you did?

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