5 Ways to Help Emerging Leaders Succeed

I love working with future leaders.  I often look for ways to invest in and coach those who are currently entering the field of leadership or who will be in the future.  In doing so, I see part of my responsibility as an executive coach to help future leaders design better communication, manage their teams, and succeed in their professional life.

Earlier this week, I facilitated a professional development workshop for the Leadership Tri County class. The program is comprised of selected professionals who want to expand their involvement and leadership potential in the development of the tri-county region.   Its mission is to provide these emerging leaders with the expertise to “step up” and serve on nonprofit boards.  I’d like to share what I learned from this leadership class and five ways you can help an emerging leader succeed.Leadership Tricounty

1.   Eliminate the fear of failing — Failure is not holding you back:  fear of failure is. If emerging leaders know that failure is welcome and that mistakes are truly learning opportunities;  they will feel more at ease to take risks and contribute their ideas, time and energy.  Best of all they will add value to the team and organization.  

2.  Understand a new leader may be afraid to ask —  New leaders (just like new employees) may perceive that if you ask questions or for help it is a sign of weakness. Release the tension of asking and approach them first with “what questions do you have?”  Create an environment which encourages a “safe space” to ask questions or even say, “I’d really appreciate your help on this.”

3.  Give consistent, constructive and encouraging feedback —  This group wants to know how are they performing and how can they succeed.  Setting clear expectations at the start will help to minimize frustrations later on. Consistency is key when you give feedback.  I’ve also learned that emerging leaders want to gain the wisdom from their bosses.

4.  Tell them what they need to know, but don’t know to ask — There are always things in any organization that a person needs to know to be successful.  The unwritten rules or hidden company culture.  You can help young leaders grow by being their mentor and coach.

5.  Give them a seat at the table of influence —  It may be a bit premature to include your emerging leader at the executive leadership meeting, but the experience will accelerate their growth.  Let them gain insight, be heard and be a part of the team.  And you just may find a potential superstar leader.

A great solution 

Coaching is a proven tool in leadership development because it delivers results by increasing effectiveness and empowering individuals and teams.  Interested in giving coaching a try?  Schedule your free coaching consultation.

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