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Honoring YOU: 5 Ideas to Attain Work Life Balance

Think work life balance is out of your reach?

It used to be that life was really crazy busy only during the holidays.  But now all of our lives are spinning at a thousand miles an hour including those who surround us (family, friends, colleagues, lovers, neighbors).  I can’t even keep up with the busyness of my eight year old niece’s activity schedule excluding her school or family commitments.  And then, simultaneously our human minds are spinning even faster than ever.  Is the culprit our need for instantaneous information and connectivity?

From Exhaustion and Overwhelm to Work-Life Balance 

We ultimately find ourselves toppling over from exhaustion and overwhelming guilt in aspiration for a life of balance.  Because just when you think balance is within reach, the mere constant of life, which is change, is set into motion.

What has to happen?  Toss out the rigidity of goal driven perfection and cultivate compassion to be willing to take care and honor YOU – even with the onslaught of this crazy busy time of year.

Because here’s the thing, Laura Vanderkam, author of the new book What Successful People Do Before Breakfast says, “Work life balance is more attainable than you think, it’s also the secret sauce in your professional life.  To bring our best selves to work; we have to be our best selves.”

Here are five ideas to help you bring balance within reach and honor your best self.

  1. Figure out your priorities and schedule them in first.   Time passes whether you’re aware of it or not, so playing offense with your non-negotiables is key to making them happen.
  2. Eliminate the things that don’t add value to your life.  There are lots of things we waste our time on in life.  I know because I am guilty of allowing distractions to invade my personal family time. “Stop wasting” and “start living” your life because YOU matter.
  3. Avoid the energy drainers.  Beware of the people in your life that gossip, are negative, and complain for they can take up your time and leave absolutely no value.
  4. Outsource whenever possible.  As women, we must stop doing it all and start asking for help to make our lives easier.  Success is about execution.
  5. Take time.  Use bits of time for bits of joy.  If you’ve got 10 minutes before your next commitment take a quick walk, step away from work, and call a friend or text your spouse.  Stepping away and engaging in activities that feed your soul will nurture your spirit and enable you to thrive.
What are your ideas to attain work life balance?
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