4 Tips to Balance Your Work and Personal Life

Whether you are trying to juggle home, work, friends, achievement, personal time and life — it can take its toll and make you feel pulled in all sorts of directions.  It doesn’t have to be this way; here are four best practices to take control of your life.
1.  Decide What Really Matters to You.  Make a list of the activities that give you energy and strength.  Make these a priority in your life – it doesn’t matter what others may expect as important.  Choose to be true to your own priorities.
2.  Edit, Don’t Sacrifice.  Often people over indulge in an activity just because it sounds good at first.  Think before you commit. Time is our greatest commodity and you can’t do everything. Take a proactive approach and create structure –  schedule what’s possible in that time frame with your other activities.
3.  Harness Your Creativity.  Find ways to integrate the social aspects of your life with work and family (if that’s important.) Create new opportunities and combine activity that will serve multiple needs rather than going with options that were created by others.
4.  Take Full Personal Responsibility.  People suffer mostly from self-imposed limits and stigmas even though they are likely to blame it on others.  Design your ideal personal vision and set the plan to achieve it.  Most importantly, make your happiness the priority and take action.  You are the CEO of your life.
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