4 Reasons to Attend Your Next Conference

I have been attending conferences for years. Some I had little expectations, and walked away being greatly impressed. Others where I was an “industry newbee” and felt really stretched out of my comfort zone; and determined to learn new skills. Regardless, I can’t think of a conference that did not expand
my network, my learning nor did I regret attending. Such as two weeks ago, when I attended the International Coach Federation conference in Washington D.C.

Did you know that attending a conference could help save your business and life?

The fact is 30% of new businesses won’t survive past two years and that number rises to 50% after five years. These are tough statistics, but by attending a conference you just might acquire the tools you
need to make sure you and your business thrive.

Here are 4 Reasons to Show Up at Your Next Conference

1.  Learn.  It’s all about learning from the best. No matter how talented, how successful we are, there is so much we don’t know. That was reinforced when I heard MIT Leadership Center Executive Director,
Hal Gregersen’s opening keynote, How to Burst Through the Bubble. Hal addressed 1700 professional coaches with the leader’s dilemma — “not knowing, what I don’t know.” In his presentation, I learned to reframe my challenges, diligently ask twenty-plus questions, get uncomfortable with a shift in
my thinking and pay attention to what it is that I don’t know.  Because this will lead me to an answer. Here’s the HBR article, Bursting the CEO Bubble.

Coaching colleague & friend Sindy, ICF Conference 2017

2.  Network. There’s so much more to a conference than sitting in a lecture room. A conference gives you the chance to connect with like-minded people, your virtual colleagues, and develop new contacts who just could have the right business opportunity. While at the conference I was able to really connect with my coaching friends from Florida, California, North Carolina, and even Philadelphia. This only happens by showing up.

3.  Inspire. One of the biggest benefits of a conference is the inspiration and energy of the people you see and the presentations you attend. “Getting out” can expose you to a new city, new people, new industry ideas, and have you come back with a new lease on your work and life. For many, this conference inspires us to “up our game.”

With my fellow BetterUp Coaches

4.  Share. To make attending this conference truly valuable,
I’ve got to share the content and learning with others — including my coaching clients. Whether I’m sharing a new leadership assessment or enhancing behavior change through motivational science,
this is a result of my conference experience. It’s having an extra responsibility to come back inspired to be my personal best
in service of my clients, my community and industry.

What’s your next conference?


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