3 Things to Finish Up this Year

Everyone seems to be in a flurry with only two weeks left in this year.  The mere thought of balancing work and life priorities with year-end reviews, last minute holiday shopping, parties and more can be taxing.  Here are three things you can do to finish up before the new year goal-setting time.

1.  Personal Year In Review.   Whether your year has had fewer peaks than valleys; there were times when you were at your personal best.  Dedicate time in the next few days to complete a YEAR END PERSONAL REVIEW.  Consider listing your top ten highlights or the changes in your personal and professional development.  Reference your online calendar or even looking back in the year on Facebook.  After your review, appreciate and celebrate your accomplishments.

2.  Time Off.  Although the thought of family gatherings, financial strains, and uncertainities can add to your holiday stress – take some time off.  Disconnect from all forms of work. Carve out some personal time to enjoy the snow falling, holiday music, reading, and more.  Time off is one of the best ways to energize your return to work.

3.  Generous Giving.  One of my favorite memories are the gifts my children made in school with love.  If you want to feel that kind of joy, give to a family in need this Christmas. Years ago, the greatest joy for our family came when we delivered gifts to a low-income family.  This simple act of giving meant more than receiving the latest tech gadget.

Enjoy the holiday season and feel free to share your comments to finish up 2013.

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